Final Assembly

Successful "Shopfoor Management"

In early 2007 RECARO Aircraft Seating developed a mission statement for all of its global operations.

“We are the best seat manufacturer from our customers’ perspective.”

This means producing the highest quality seats on the market, delivering them to the customers on time and keeping costs under control, while maintaining flexibility.

To reach this goal, RECARO Aircraft Seating relies on a special leadership culture. “Shopfloor Management” ensures the continued improvement of leadership in RECARO’s production plants all over the world and makes it possible to recognize deviations in production early, leading to an immediate response. Thanks to “Shopfloor Management”, each employee understands his personal contribution to the process and is aware of his responsibility for helping to create products which RECARO can be proud of. And the most important thing: our customers can be 100 percent assured that they will receive their seats, in premium quality, by the agreed-upon delivery date – regardless of which RECARO location manufactures them.

Execution of this method has been so successful that today RECARO Aircraft Seating is a positive example for companies in a variety of industries. Regular events take place in Schwäbisch Hall and Swiebodzin, Poland, to demonstrate to other companies how they can achieve more efficiency and quality in the production process.