The slim lightweight seat for short-haul flights

With a weight around 9kg, the SL3510 is currently one of the lightest economy class seats on the market, with approximately 40 percent less weight than conventional economy class seat models. RECARO Aircraft Seating managed to significantly reduce the weight of the seat. Instead of conventional foam, an innovative netting material is used to form the core of the backrest. This makes it possible to reduce foam thickness and makes the backrest much lighter.

Weight reduction was achieved without sacrificing seat quality, design or passenger comfort. To achieve this, RECARO engineers focused specifically on the seat's ergonomic qualities. The backrest angle is pre-defined at 15 degrees for a relaxed sitting position and the netting material conforms to the shape of the passenger's spine. Even in high density seating, passengers have more living space thanks to the SL3510, as the netting material makes the backrest much slimmer, increasing the distance between seat rows.

An additional benefit is a simplification of maintenance, due to the reduction in the number of different parts used in the seat.

This weight-optimized concept received the 2009 Crystal Cabin Award in the industrial design/interior concept category.