Discover the RECARO comfort above the clouds

RECARO Aircraft Seating has made a name for itself among leading airlines as a supplier of innovative economy class and business class products.

Today, the globally active company ranks among the world’s top three aircraft seat manufacturers, and offers a product portfolio perfectly tailored to the needs of the airline industry.

As part of the RECARO Group, RECARO Aircraft Seating belongs to one of the most renowned seat brands in the world. Airlines and their passengers can rely on the proven quality of RECARO products – even above the clouds!

Enhanced hygiene and cleanliness in aircraft cabins with Recaro seats

// Aircraft seat manufacturer Recaro Aircraft Seating is setting new standards in aircraft cabins when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Specially coated surfaces of the frequently touched plastic and metal parts on fold-out tables, arm rests and seat backs increase passenger protection against germs and bacteria. They also result in reduced cleaning requirements for airline seats. Read more …

Eighth Global Supplier Conference at Recaro Poland

// On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Recaro plant in Poland, the company hosted its eighth Global Supplier Conference with over 150 participants from around the world. Recaro Aircraft Seating has been implementing its Lean strategy consistently for many years and honored four of its top suppliers with its Supplier Awards. Read more …